On Sept. 17 the EC Bar Ranch held their first flashlight night at their Corn Maze near High Prairie Alberta. As a precursor to Halloween night you had to navigate through the maze in darkness, aided only with a flashlight and possibly some help from a few willing strangers who were also lost in the dark.

With corn 12-15 feet in height navigating through the maze is challenging One can not see over the corn and with darkness settling in so early it was a difficult undertaking

Lyndon and Denise Drefs first entertained the idea of a corn maze a few years ago, to add more fun into their already family friendly based ranch.

At a Trade Show they saw some corn mazes from the US and decided that it was a doable task that they were willing to undertake. With some help from the Internet they planned and painstakingly designed the maze.

Lyndon, armed with only a gas powered mower went to work cutting the maze and adding blocks which go around in a circle but with one tricky plan. Within those blocks were other pathways with multiple twists and turns which one can turn into and continue walking until you eventually reach the exit or end up on a dead end trail.

Remembering the genre of thriller movies as one is stealthily moving through the maze is exhilarating. The only difference being, there is no erie quietness or the sound of your heart beating rapidly as if someone wanted to do bodily harm to your person. It is just laughter and curiosity from the other people that are lost. Which path is a dead end or are you on the right path to freedom?

Lyndon Drefs states, “This Corn Maze has been worth the effort to have a place that families can come and enjoy with activities that are fun and wholesome.” Drefs went on to say, “We have something here for everyone, it is like a little piece of heaven.”

Flashlight night was a huge success with lots of music with Albert Johnson from Blue Dragon Entertainment to the bonfire that greeted the once lost souls.

Denise Drefs explains, “The Halloween weekend we have coming up on Oct. 22 is sure to thrill all who attend. We have special surprises in store for them.” She also comments on the flashlight night, “The turnout has been great, we are looking forward to redesigning the maze for next year.”

With a wide assortment of activities that everyone from the ages of two years to eighty years young can participate in, from wagon rides, sleigh rides, tobogganing down their sky reaching hills, trail rides for an hour or longer to all and any occasion parties, EC bar Ranch is a stop worth making. Whether it be for an hour or all day.